About Us


Linda has lived in the Pungo area of Virginia Beach all of her life. She started production and sales of herb plants over 20 years ago. After maintaining for years, 3 Greenhouses full of 200 varieties of herbs and a retail shop at the Virginia Beach Farmers Market, she stopped selling herb plants in order to devote more attention to her line of culinary products, encouraging the use of herbs while cooking. 

She began with a limited selection of herbal blends and has expanded them to 15 different Herbal Seasoning Mixes that can be used for a wide variety of culinary applications. Over the years, we have been privileged to work with and meet many wonderful people that love our products and we are honored that they have been such faithful customers.

What do we mean by "Natural"? Linda strives to make all of her blends with organic ingredients exclusively, whenever possible. In a very few instances, we are unable to obtain "certified organic" products due to their origin or availability. That makes it impossible for us to acquire "organic certification" from the USDA, thus, we have to market Linda's Blends as "all natural". You can rest assured that the overwhelming content of all of Linda's Blends are organic and of course they do not contain any other additives other than wholesome and tasty dried herbs.

No Salt, No Sugar, No MSG and Gluten Free!